Savory Choux Puffs are Where the Party’s at

It’s party time, with the winter holidays approaching and the new year fast approaching. Whether you are hosting or contributing snacks to the table, these occasions require a strong rotation in hors-d’oeuvres. Savory choux puffs, an easy, versatile appetizer that is sure to be a hit for the holidays and beyond, are a great choice.

Choux dough, also known as choux paste or pate-a-choux, is a lightly flavored pastry shell made with a few ingredients: butter, water, milk, salt, flour, eggs, and water. For more information on choux, a recipe, and details on making your batch, click here. These simple pantry ingredients can be used to make cream puffs and eclairs. You don’t have to stop there. Choux is excellent for savory appetizers and also makes for great linguistic material to make silly culinary puns. The dough is very versatile and can be paired with almost any food. The dough is a vessel for flavor, just like a cracker, except for fancier. The clutch is the steam pocket in the middle. Choux puffs are hollow, unlike a flat cracker or slice de baguette. You can open one and fill it with delicious morsels.

You can make a batch without the sugar of choux dough. This is a savory appetizer, so it is best not to add sugar. If you decide to fill the shell with sweetened cream, you can do so at any time. Make the batter using either milk or water. Be sure to scrape the bowl after you add the eggs. After you’ve prepared the batter, you can line a sheet pan using parchment paper. If you have one, you can shape the dough with a spoon or a piping bag. Bake according to the instructions. Bake the pastry as directed. The dough expands in the oven up to three times its original size. This creates the desired air pocket in their center. This is where all the snack magic happens.

You can fill them with delicious food, such as Swedish meatballs or caramelized onions and goat cheddar, or bao-style, with roast pork, pickled cucumbers, and carrots. Add smoked salmon, cream cheese with dill, chicken Caesar salad, or potatoes and bacon. Watch football with a plateful of buffalo-chicken-and-celery-stuffed choux puffs, or serve it alongside a bowl of chili.

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