In your Punch Bowl

Snacks, music, and festive drinks are essential for holiday parties. (Of course, friends are also welcome, but let’s get back to the glasses. The best holiday drink can be a crucial ingredient in seasonal revelry. But the same goes for the equipment. It is always frustrating that ladles can leave half an inch of quality alcohol behind in flat-bottomed bowls, Dutch ovens, and slow cookers. This is ridiculous. We must say goodbye to ladles and welcome turkey basters.

They are as charming and affectionate as drunk friends can get, but they lack motor skills. They’ll eat every last drop of cranberry punch they can see, and if they feel like they’re scooping water from a Horcrux bowl every time, they will be determined to do their best. It’s a horrible way to pour a drink. A turkey baster is a perfect solution. A turkey baster’s pointed end can reach the bottom of any container. The guests don’t need to lift or tilt the bowl. Generally, everyone has used a liquid-dropper tool like this before, so they should be able to handle it even when the room is spinning.

A no-drip turkey baster works best if there are at least two. This dripless baster comes with an angled replacement tip and a cleaning brush. The tiny silicone gasket in the curved tip helps to stop drips from occurring until you press the balloon end. Basters can help guests with heavy hands portion their drinks. A turkey baster can succor approximately one-and-a-half to two ounces of liquid per suction. Two dips in the pool are enough for a strong drink, but not as much as ice.

Basters were initially made for boiling turkey juice siphoning, but they are safe to heat so that you can use them in steamy glogg or mulled wine. Put a baster in a punch bowl or large cocktail container. Keep all other spoons away from the baster. You can also use masking tape to label the balloon side of the pot if it has a lid or if you are worried about guests getting confused. It’s easy to show others how it works, and they will be eager to try it. To hold the baster, place a tall glass or spoon rest nearby. This will give the baster a place to rest for the night.

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