This is Your Favorite Way To Eat Tinned Fish

It was New Year’s Eve, and I was limping through the bougie grocery shop in a protective boot, desperately looking for caviar to make my favorite fancy girls’ snack of caviar chips and caviar. They only had salmon roe which is my least favorite role. It’s almost like a fish Gusher. Sorry!) Half-chuckling, I murmured, “Of course!” After nearly two months of emotional, physical, and hospital stays, this was a minor setback. However, it fits in with my end-of-the-year vibe.

My caviar was not in the refrigerator, but there was an excellent display of tinned seafood next to it. Fish preserves seem to have become a more common staple than a fad after many years of being “having a moment” or being eaten by “hot girls.” My patient’s boyfriend agreed and grabbed a can of Fishwife smoked tuna.

I made a small spread at home. I made a shrimp cocktail with extra horseradish, Worcestershire Sauce, a piece of cheese- and a meat plate. My snack was built in the same way as the caviar. I spread some chips on a plate and added creme fraiche, smoked tuna, grated cured egg yolk, and chopped scallions (because the bougie shop also had no chives). It was an excellent bite that showed that even misfortune could lead to new opportunities. It could not be significant; I’ve been looking for meaning everywhere I can lately.

Although this snack may not be of greater cosmic significance than others, it is my favorite way to eat preserved or smoked seafood. I highly recommend it. Fishwife’s smoked products would be the best, but lox or simple slices of lox would also work well. A small whole fish like white anchovy and sardine would also be good.

This is a great way to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to “get into tinned seafood.” With creme fraiche and chives and salty chips, the introduction is a gentle one. There are lots of fun flavors to temper any “fishy” taste. It’s savory, snacky, creamy, and delicious. It’s fish and chips. It may not be the fish and chips you were looking for, but it is the fish and chips you need.

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