Pickled beetroot recipe


  • STEP 1
  • After trimming the beetroots, rub them with 1 tbsp of vegetable oil. Wrap each one in foil. Bake at 200C/180C fan/gas six oven for 1 hour or until tender. Let cool, peel, and then cut into wedges.
  • STEP 2
  • Put the whole spices in a large saucepan. Toast the spices on low heat for a few minutes until they smell fragrant. The dried chili flakes should be added last as they can catch easily. Mix in the bay. Add all the sugar and vinegar. Bring to a boil.
  • STEP 3
  • Place the beets in sterilized jars (see tip above), then add 1 tsp coarse sea salt to each. Finally, pour the hot vinegar over and seal. You can eat the beets for two weeks or longer if you prefer.


    • 1kg beetroot
    • Vegetable oil
    • 4-5 tsp coarse crystal sea salt

Pickling vinegar

    • 1 tbsp black peppercorns
    • 1 tbsp coriander seeds
    • 1 tbsp yellow Mustard Seeds
    • Ten cloves
    • Few pieces of mace blades
    • Optional: a pinch of dried chili pepper flakes
    • Two bay leaves
    • 700ml white vinegar plus 3 1/2 tbsp
    • 100g light brown soft sugar
  • Rinse jars and lids with hot soapy water. Next, place them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until dry. Rubber seals can be removed and covered in boiling water. It would help if you sterilized all funnels, spoons, and ladles you will be using. All equipment should be spotless before you start to eliminate any bacteria or yeasts.
  • Pickles must have a minimum of 6% acidity to keep them fresh in the jar. White wine vinegar and malt kinds of vinegar have 6% acidity. Cider vinegar, however, has a slightly lower edge, making it more suitable for making chutneys.
Choose the suitable salt.
  • Use table salt only for pickling. Anti-caking agents can cause a cloudy and discolored result. You can choose from coarse crystal salt or coarse grain salt.
  • Place a few centimeters between the top and the vegetables. Make sure to cover them with vinegar. A pestle or a rolling pin is ideal for pushing the vegetables into the vinegar.
  • These pickles can be preserved for many months if kept unopened in a dark, cool place. Because they are more watery, soft vegetables like cucumbers and beans are more likely to become soggy faster.


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