I’m Eric Wareheim, Comedian, and This Is How I Eat

You might believe Eric Wareheim is a man who hates food or would like you to hate food if you only saw Awesome Show and Tom Goes To the Mayor. But that is not the truth. Eric Wareheim is passionate about food and respects it. He wants you to love food as well. His first cookbook Foodheim contains a wealth of recipes and party-hosting tips. Wareheim isn’t joking about food, but it is entertaining. I had the pleasure of speaking to him recently about his favorite drink with shrimp, airport dining tips, and how to host parties.

What are your breakfast habits?

I make coffee, and I drink la Colombe coffee. This is the same coffee I used to have growing up in Philadelphia, back when there was only one shop in Rittenhouse Square Park. It’s the same blend. It’s a beautiful combination. I don’t eat breakfast. I eat an early lunch. These light stir fries are what I make today and every day. When I say “light,” I don’t usually use meat. I use whatever vegetables I have, I make a little stir-fry sauce from scratch, and I use sushi rice. It’s all homemade.

Then, do you go for a more leisurely meal?

It all depends on the day. I’m referring to when there was no other option but to make elaborate, extravagant dinners. It was a lot of work. I used to make boeuf Bourguignon, braised meats, and ribs. It was just my favorite thing about the house to smell like food. Every morning, I would think of what wine I would pair with this dish. You know, like, “Ooh, I am going to make a cheese platter.” You know what? I’m going open a gorgeous premier cru chablis with it. This was what helped me get through this whole thing. I belong to a few wine clubs, and we all cook together. This happens either once or twice per week.

I was told that you are an expert in making snack plates. Could you describe the perfect snack plate?

I just returned from a three-week vacation to Spain and Italy. It was the same: Fresh, delicious, cured meats such as Jamon Iberico, Serrano, or Prosciutto.

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