Host the Best Freakin Holiday Cookie Exchange Ever

A well-organized holiday cookie exchange can make you feel happy, satisfied, and full of joy. Nasty cookie exchanges can be disappointing and unintentionally competitive. They might also needhelp eating enough cookies. Do not let a lousy cookie exchange happen. These tips will help you host a memorable cookie jamboree that guests will cherish well into the new year.

Get organized

A cookie swap is a holiday party that asks guests to bring one class each. You end up with many festive flavors and combinations everyone can enjoy and take home. It is essential to keep everything as simple as possible. Although spreadsheets may not be for everyone, having some documents can save you a lot. Even if the handwritten list could be better, it’s essential to have a register that lets you keep track of who brought what. 

Ask about food allergies.

When you are out inviting people, make a list of any dietary restrictions. It can be unpleasant to find out that the only thing you can eat at a party is what you bring. While you don’t need to control what others get, it is a good idea to offer various options so that gluten-sensitive guests can have something to eat. Once you have a list of those, who is bringing what, it’s possible to make tags that identify each cookie and the allergens they contain. Consider a nut-free cookie station if you have a friend with mild nut allergies.

Choose between quantity and quality.

One friend will bring three dozen cookies, and another person will get seven cookies. It is a good idea for everyone to bring a specific number. A minimum of one to two dozen cookies is enough. Quality is another critical consideration. Quality is important. Sometimes you know your friends better than they do. You can let them buy their contribution from a professional if you know that hell will freeze before they bring a butter knife to the table. You can sample the delicious holiday cookies made by local bakeries. But I wouldn’t stop there. Two boxes of Entenmanns on your table are unfestive.

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