Fine Dining in 2019: The New Landscape

Fine dining is a landscape that is constantly changing. We, as consumers, stand to gain the most from this trend as some of Australia’s award-winning restaurants seek out that distinct edge. What changes are likely to affect the fine dining industry in 2019?

There have been notable changes in the Australian dining scene in the past two years. The diversity of the menus and the award-winning wine list are highly valued in Australia’s restaurants. Fine dining, however, is more about focusing on the essentials than creating a conglomeration. The fine attention to detail that goes into menu preparation and even the specific styling of restaurants to capture the essence of their vision could be said.

The Australian fine dining experience must continuously innovate to push the boundaries and create new experiences. We will likely see more restaurants experimenting with different flavors and spices from other countries to create an authentic experience and challenge their concepts. Local produce will be more prominent on fine dining menus in 2019. Many of Australia’s top restaurants will also feature local products on their menus to promote the best of the local producers.

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