Three Tips to End a Meal With Sweet Wine

Some people think that drinking sweet wine shows you need to be more sophisticated. Others see it as a sign that they are a great sommelier.

Good Food says that any good winemaker or sommelier knows there are times and places for sweet wines. Sophie Otton, a wine consultant in Sydney, says that dessert is the right time to drink sweet wine. She usually drinks it instead of dessert. Dessert wine, according to Sophie Otton, is served after a meal. It is best enjoyed by itself or with a cheese plate. You shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a rich chocolate mousse cake.

Leanne DeBortoli agreed; she would know, as her family is the epitome of sweet winemakers. Noble One is one of Australia’s most popular drops.

There are a few tips to help you buy sweet wine, whether you want to drink it on its own or with soft cheese.

Tip #1: Rich chocolate desserts are best accompanied by muscats or muscadelle. Rutherglen, a region in Victoria, produces some of Australia’s best muscats. Rutherglen’s chief executive, Eliza Brown, claims they are some of the “most sensuous wines you can imagine.”

Tip 2 Botrytised wines may not be the most appealing of sweet wines, but this method produces some of Europe’s best. The “noble” rot is caused by grapes infected with a fungus during humid weather and then exposed to dry weather. This creates a “raised,” or resinated, characteristic. This results in a sweet, intense wine that is perfect for dessert. Look for “Nobel” and “botrytis” wines in Australia. These are typically made with Semillon or Riesling.

Tip #3: Try a sparkling wine or Champagne to cleanse your palate after dinner. This is especially effective when combined with fruits like figs. A sparkling moscato is perfect with fresh fruit or light pavlova.

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